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Edmonton Oilers Hockey

There was a time not long ago that the capital city of Edmonton called themselves the city of champions. The name, inspired by the last “dynasty” team the Nhl has produced, has fallen out of favor during the bleak decade of playoff absence by the once great Edmonton Oilers. This now has (finally) changed with the first playoff appearance made by the team as of the 2016/2017 season. The city boasts a new, state of the art, arena (Rogers place) as the home of the hockey franchise, and we, the fans, can once again wear the team colors without fear.

Update August 2017:

Picture of two of the oilers best players in full gear.
With the new contracts signed for both Connor Mcdavid and Leon Draisaital, the Edmonton oilers are setting themselve up to be a force in the NHL for the forseeable future. It could be said that all road to the western conference final will go through Edmonton for the next few seasons…. presuming the key guys stay healthly of course.


Edmonton Eskimos Football

Part of the City of Champions name was earned by the very decorated Edmonton Eskimos football organization. One of 9 teams participating in the Canadian Football League, the Eskimos have won 14 grey cup championships and have had one of the league’s best attendance records in both good and bad years. Commonwealth Stadium, the Eskimos home turf, has also been host to the 9 Fifa world cup qualification tournaments and World-class track and field competitions.